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Town Hall is responsible for overseeing Zoning and Planning for the Town of Taylorsville.
David Odom, our Town Manager heads up this department along with John Pilkington the Town Zoning Planner who works with the WPCOG and comes to Taylorsville on Thursday afternoons to take care of matters regarding town zoning.

North Carolina law provides zoning and planning responsibility within the town limits and the extraterritorial jurisdiction, one mile outside of the town limits.

The Town of Taylorsville enforces the zoning and planning laws by reviewing construction plans for buildings, structures, and signs. Once these plans have been reviewed and found to be in compliance with the zoning ordinance of the Town of Taylorsville, a zoning permit will be issued so that a building permit can be obtained.

Inquiries about zoning and planning should be directed to David Odom at 828-632-2218.

For More Info:

David Odom
Town Manager

John Pilkington,
Town Zoning Planner

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Zoning Ordinance

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Zoning Permit

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Land Development

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