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Our Taylorsville Police Department is located in the building with Town Hall at 67 Main Avenue Drive.

Town Hall assists in dispatching the police department to calls within the town limits are generally related to traffic violations, domestic disturbances and theft.

In all emergencies, phone 911 and your need will be directed to the appropriate department. If you do not have an official 911 address, you can visit the 911 Addressing System Office located in downtown Taylorsville in the Alexander County Health Department Building. The office is staffed by a E911 Addressing Coordinator, who develops and maintains the addressing system. They require the following two steps to receive your official 911 address:

  • Complete and submit a Building Inspections Permit
  • Establish a driveway at the property

Of course, then post your new 911 address on your home or business in a visible place. Your address is used for quick identification by the postal service, rescue squad, emergency medical services, fire departments and law enforcement officials that serve your town or community.

Click on a name below to send an email to an officer.

Taylorsville Police Officers:

201 - Captain Doug Bowman, Police Captain
202 - Lieutenant Kevin Elder
203 - Sergeant Brandon Hamby
204 - Sergeant Richard Taylor
205 - School Resource Officer Mike Millsaps
206 - Officer Tyler Land
207 - Officer Ethan Windsor
208 - Detective Lisa Johnson

213 - Officer Mitchell Wike
214 - Officer Bud Fox
215 - Officer Chasity Hamby
216 - Officer Cody James
217 - Officer Josh Lackey

221 - Officer Gina Cranford
223 - Officer Devin Bentley
225 - Officer Gordon Knight


Taylorsville Police Department
67 Main Avenue
Taylorsville, NC


CALL 911

The Emergency 911 service is located in the lower level of the Courthouse.

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