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American Recovery & Reinvestment Act Grants
at work in Taylorsville

The Town of Taylorsville applied for and received several grants funded by the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act.  Citizens have probably already noticed some of the projects being done.  We received grant money to replace our smaller water lines with new 6 inch water lines.  We also received grant money to fix some sewer infiltration issues.  Instiform Co is in the process of slip lining some of the sewer lines throughout town.  This process inserts a liner inside the sewer pipe and than they super heat it in order for it to bond with the existing pipe.  This creates an end result of basically replacing sewer lines without having to dig the road up.  Our third project replaced all of our current water meters with new radio read meters as well as replace several of our older fire hydrants. 

Click to view a Video: Slip Lining Project

Slip Lining Project

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Water Line Replacement Project

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Recovery &
Reinvestment Act
at work in
Taylorsville, NC

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